Help with Cubase 8 and Komplete Kontrol

I’m curious to know if I’m just missing something here, or if anyone else has had this issue.

I just installed Komplete Kontrol software on my Mac (late 2011, recently updated OS to Sierra). I have had Cubase 8 for a while now. I’ve also had some of the Arturia VST’s (the V collection) installed, and they’ve all worked great with Cubase 8. However, since I’ve installed Komplete, I’ve had this one nagging issue: nothing I load as an instrument is playing back.

Basically, the Komplete software is working as it should, as is the Arturia software. Outside of Cubase, both programs see the keyboard and trigger the instruments. Within Cubase, there seems to be a disconnect; the keyboard controls the transport functions just fine, and even recording MIDI key presses works as well. But any instrument that’s loaded does not trigger (even with the track record-enabled) and any MIDI presses I record don’t play back.

Am I missing something? Is this a Cubase 8 problem that can be solved by moving up to 9? I’ve driven myself insane for a week now trying to figure this out and I don’t know what else to do.

Did you get this sorted?

I’ve just got Komplete Kontrol in macOS Sierra and use Cubase 9. It’s a mystery to me how to set it up. I’ve had issues with sounds not playing as you mention, despite the midi signal going through from the keyboard (you can see it on the cubase monitor bar) and them working earlier on in the session + I’ve also had issues with the keyboard integration losing contact with Komplete Control mid session and not being able to get the integration back on the keyboard (S49 MK2).

To be honest it’s not even clear whether I need to open multiple instances of the KK Vst for each sound I use on the track or whether I just open the respective KK VSTs i.e. Reaktor and then the keyboard should just integrate. That’s my native workflow so that’s what I would prefer. I add a new instrument track (Reaktor), Reaktor opens on the screen, and then the keyboard connects to that and allows me to browse sounds direct from the keyboard.