Help with cubase artist registration

Hi there…
I bought cubase artist 7.5 by download it from the site , And i activate it with e-licener, But the cubase software still in trial not full , it need download access code to complate registeration , I could not find this download access code and where it is to complate the registration
Can anybody help me where i find download access code?
Thanx alot

Which is the best cubase artist 7.5 or cubase element 7 ??

As far as I know, there are no “download access codes” for Steinberg software

How did you activate it. I assume you have purchased an e-Licenser dongle (even though you don’t mention one) Otherwise you wouldn’t be able to run it in demo mode either.

When you bought the software, you should have received an e-mail with a registration code. This should be entered in the eLicenser Control (eLC) application. (Download the latest version here: ). A license will then automatically downloaded to your dongle. Just be sure not to jump the gun, but wait until eLC tells you that the license is installed. I assume that you’ve already done this, as you can run Cubase Artist in demo mode. I’ve never been asked for any “download access code” as part of the registration process.

Note that if you have installed a demo license and then install f full license, the demo license will be retained on the dongle. i.e. you will have two licenses on your dongle.

Are you sure that you have registered the full license, that you received with your mail, on your dongle?

This is a question that noone but yourself can answer. It all depends on your needs. What features you deem important. You’ll find a comparison chart here:

Thanx for fast replay
I think you are right , maby i did mistak but i don`t know where my mistak , after i bought e-Licenser dongle , i put the activate code then i get the soft e-licener code , but still the cubase software still in trial

Just to confirm, you are seeing the correct license in the elicenser software, but it is your installation of Cubase that is coming up incorrectly??

My purchased cubase artist 7.5 ( € 49.99 )
And i recive by email:
Product Name
Cubase Artist 7.5 Update from Cubase Artist 7
Item No. 110024824 Download Win / Mac
Activation Code: xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx
Cubase 7.5 Trial Version
Item No. 110073519 Activation Key Win / Mac
Activation Code: xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx

I activate this with usb e-licener then i get the download activation code , but still the software in trail.
Help me plzz

From the price you paid it looks like you bought the update and not a full license version.
Included in the download was a trial version. The update won’t work so the trial version loads instead.
Where I live you cannot buy the full version by download because it comes in a box with its own e-licenser.
You can purchase a full version of Elements 7 because it does not require a USB e-licenser.
I think this may be the problem you have.

thanx for replay
But the cubase artist with i bought it , It works , But in trail ( only 1 month )

Ehh… I am not sure about that, but…

You DID own Cubase Artist 7 before purchasing the update to 7.5 did you?
If you try to update from Cubase Elements 7 to Cubase Artist 7.5, you bought the wrong update.
The update from Elements 7 to Artist 7.5 is €199.00 and is only in an boxed version…

Okay, from reading the invoice /receipt information it looks like:
You bought an e-licenser (USB) dongle
You downloaded an update for a product you don’t have a license for, so there was nothing to update.
You typed in the activation code and that activated a trial version for 30 days.
I am not sure of your next step
You may have to pay for a full version but I don’t think you can do that on line
You may have cut your losses and start again.
The easiest solution is to buy Elements 7 on line, download it and activate it on your computer.
Later you can transfer its license to the USB dongle.
But try to do it correctly. It can be confusing.