HELP with Cubase LE4 and RP255

Hi :smiley:

Today when I started Cubase it didn´t pick up audio from my guitar “nor”? did play it through my speakers :confused:
I have no idea what to do and I´ve tried almost every combination in device setup and bla bla… Do anyone know how to setup this effectpedal with cubase LE4?

Windows 7
Gigabyte GA-X58-USB3 - Realtek ALC892
Digitech RP255
Philips HTS 3115 sound system

Have you read the RP software setup guide?

Make sure you select the PR255 ASIO driver in Device setup/VST audio system (cubase) Page 3 of the setup guide.

I would also think once you have done this, all audio will now be routed to the FX pedal and you will need to either setup a pair of monitors from the pedals outputs or plug in some headphones into the pedal to be able to hear anything.

Ah thanks, I just forgot that ALL sounds will go though the RP255 (Headphones/Amp). I thought i could hear everything through my speakers connected to the PC but that did´t work :slight_smile: