Help with Cubase's ASIO meter spikes


I recently built a new machine and installed cubase 11. I have also updated it to the latest version ( My performance meter even with no tracks show lot of activity, even at lower buffer size of 1024.
Here’s my machine specs:
OS: WIN10 Home
CPU: Intel 10900K
Motherboard: Asus Prime Z490-A
RAM: Corsair Vengeance 2x16GB DDR4 3000mhz
DRIVE1 (Windows) : Samsung 970 EVO NVMe 500GB
DRIVE2 (Samples) : Samsung 870 EVO SATA 1TB
Graphic card: GigaByte 1650 4GB
Soundcard: RME Babyface Pro (Drivers updated)

I have tried a couple of things but instead of mentioning them all and making this post longer, why dont I hear out your suggestions one by one. I will let you know if I have looked into it or not. And if yes, what’s the current status of it. That way all of it will get documented as well over here as a thread and everybody can make a detailed analysis.
It’s really disappointing that cubase in a brand new machine with this good processor and specs is showing performance issues with NO TRACKS at all!

Please help me in finding the bug… :pray:

Is it really a bug, have you experienced any performance issues ?
Many low-priority tasks will wake-up when you are idle, but go idle (pause) when you start using you PC.

The ‘performance meter’ you are looking at might just be reflecting low-priority housekeeping tasks (like a background virus scan, or Window’s search engine, etc.)
Open Window’s Task Manager and check what processes are running.

Your new machine (nice setup btw!) might come with some bloatware running in the background… Anything that is said to be “automatic” (like updates, weather info, live tiles, notifications, etc.) means it’s running something in the background and eating resources.
Usually not problematic… but sometimes is…

I personally spend hours on a new machine removing and/or disabling bells & whistles that came with it or “enabled” by default in Win10…

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Thanks for replying.

Perhaps I wasn’t clear when I mentioned Performance meter. I actually meant the cubase’s realtime ASIO meters. Sorry about it.
My Windows Task Manager shows negligible activity on CPUs.
That’s what I am unable to understand. What is it in the entire chain that’s inadequate for Cubase?! Some setting? Some compatibility issue with one of the components of specs? Or perhaps it’s an internal bug of cubase 11?

oh btw…
Thanks for the nod to the specs. Appreciate it!