Help with Cubasis and DM-1

I just recently purchased DM-1 and have been attempting to set it up with Cubasis. I am able to record midi inputs as I play them on my midi controller but when I attempt to record loops created in DM-1 as midi nothing records.
I feel like this may have something to with the midi in/out but I have messed with the settings and have had no luck.
Any one know how to get this set up?


before we go further in finding a solution hopefully , could you give us a description of your setup and how include the synth into Cubasis ?


I am using an iPad Air with Cubasis. I have an Akai MPK mini I am using as a midi controller. I am attempting to use DM-1 as an inter audio app and by setting the midi in and out to virtual midi I can record anything I play on the Akai, just like I can with other apps like Magellian. But what I really want to do is record the loops I have created in DM-1. When I play a loop back and record in Cubasis, Cubasis acts like it is recording (Dm-1 even starts and stops when I record in Cubasis so I know they are interacting) but nothing actually records. So my question basically is, how do I record patterns/loops I have created in DM-1 into Cubasis?
Any help would be much appreciated!

I am assuming here you are trying to record MIDI and not Audio (If you are trying with audio record should work OK BUT I have found DM1 to be a bit tempermental with IAA).

What you will need to do is export your midi from DM1 and not try and record it. Go to Song, then select Export and export MIDI to Dropbox.

You can then open dropbox, find the file, and use ‘Open In’ to import the loop into Cubasis media bay.

Open Cubasis, go to Media Bay, find the MIDI file and add it to a MIDI track