Help with cues

So, I am aware how to input cues in Dorico. I was wondering if it was possible that the cues could be transposed down an octave if needed. I am creating a score of a full choir, piano, violin, and cello. I am arranging it to such a way that is a violinist or a cellist is not present, the piece could still sound great with just a choir, piano, violin, or choir, piano and cello. In that case, I need to include cues. I intend for the Cello to play the violin part an octave lower, if it is necessary, and I want the cues to reflect that. However, when I do “create cue” it notates the cue in the same octave. How do I not do that?

Hi Elwin!
You can change the octave where the cue is displayed in the properties panel. There are many options there that might help you achieve exactly what you need (and beyond!)