Help with direct offline process

what is going on here? I can perform audio processing in the DOP window no problem. But how the hell do i get it to do it in the project .
all i get is an icon in the part selected but no effect. the old way was quick and simple but i haven’t a clue on this no apply button???
Can somebody please help me
I am using artist 9.5

The effect is automatically applied. Click the trash icon to the top left to remove the effect and revert to the unprocessed audio file.

Use a less subtle effect like Time Stretch with a high “Time Stretch Ratio” to check that it’s working.

Thankyou . It’s not working why could this works in the preview window.but in the actual project window the audio does not change?

The only thing that happens in the project window, within the selected part is a little square box appears in the top right corner

There is no apply button anywhere in the dop window

Can somebody help pls

Try unchecking the Auto-apply box in DOP. That might bring up the apply button.

There is no auto apply box anywhere

No need to have two threads for the same question. I locked the other one, and will try merging them later. For now:

In Cubase Artist 9.5, here, it works. The feature is different in Pro. In Artist there are fewer options, like the auto-apply option- in Artists it’s always auto-applied, as was previously posted:

That said, since it’s not working properly on your system, you should first rule out corrupt prefs, by starting up using Safe-Start mode.

Forgive me safe start mode in cubase or my computer?
Just seems really strange as every other thing is working just fine.
Also how will this rule out any corrupted prefs?

Please read:

Thankyou for your help that worked .