Help with Dorico 5 Grace Period license

I purchased Dorico 4 back at the end of 2022, but did not have a computer at the time that could run it. I recently got a new computer (a few weeks ago), and found that my download access code actually unlocked a Dorico 5 grace period license because I had never activated my Dorico 4 license. This official blog post titled “Dorico 5 Create Music ThatMoves” seems to confirm this - however, even though the download manager also shows I have a Dorico 5 download available, only the Dorico 4 license shows in the license manager, and I am unable to actually run Dorico 5. I tried a support ticket, but have not been able to get an answer yet. Thanks.

It’s just a guess but did you first download Dorico 4 and get it activated and running? It’s possible the included free upgrade to Dorico 5 only works with an already operational Dorico 4 license.

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Welcome to the Forum, @smith.kyle .

Probably someone like @dspreadbury will contact you soon to help. So keep checking back here.

Kyle, I looked at the Steinberg ID account you use to log onto the forum, and found that your account does indeed have a Dorico Pro 4 license, and you first activated it on 30 November 2022, which would put you outside the grace period for Dorico Pro 5 (I don’t recall exactly when that grace period started, but it would have been some time in April 2023). So I’m sorry to say that whatever message you received about a grace period update to Dorico 5 was in error.

If you’re interested in moving up to Dorico 5, you can of course purchase an update. If you can wait for a few weeks, I’d recommend doing so, since there will be a chance to save a bit of money on that update before the end of the calendar year.

Thank you all for your replies. @dspreadbury so to clarify, I purchased the Dorico 4 on 11/30/22 and added the download access code for it to my Steinberg ID at that time. I did not actually install it on a computer, however, nor did I ever “activate” the license on any computer, until a few weeks ago.

So, based on what you’re saying, by the nature of me just adding the download access code to my account in November 2022 (albeit not ever downloading, installing, or activating it until November 2023), I do not qualify for the grace period upgrade?

Thank you again. Not trying to be a difficult customer, just trying to clarify since the verbiage I read said the grace period was honored by the “activation” date, not download access code redemption. Also, the (Yamaha) support rep that replied to me noted: “I see it was initially redeemed in 2022, though only activated last week,” which indicates a disparity between how you each interpreted when I “activated” it.

I do appreciate it.

My understanding has always been that entering the download access code activates the product. It is like entering the upgrade code into the eLicenser software in older versions. It doesn’t matter whether you actually ran it on that computer or not.

I also think that there is a difference between activating the product itself, and activating it on a particular computer. The first is a prerequisite to the second.


Daniel will be able to clarify, but that is my understanding as well. Steinberg has always based grace period and latest version entitlements on the date that the activation code or Download Access Code is redeemed for a licence. I am unsure whether Steinberg Licensing keeps any record of the date when a licence is first activated on a computer.

If you buy a Steinberg licence that you have no immediate need for, for example in a sale, then you should keep the Download Access Code safe but not redeem the code until you need to use the licence.

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Thank you, both. If that is indeed the case (although I hope it isn’t :wink:), that’s fine, I just would propose a change/standardization of the semantics of redeem/activate

To me, “redeem” and “activate” are two different actions, which the Yamaha support rep’s language supports (but not Daniel’s, whose opinion some may say matters more here :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:). You can also only have the product “activated” on one device at a time - I can sign into the download manager on multiple computers, enter my download access code (multiple times I might add - if it is something that was “used up” I would imagine a message stating I’ve already added it to my account), and download Dorico on multiple computers, but it can only be “activated” on one at any given time. To that end, when I initially downloaded it to my computer and installed it, the Steinberg license manager also showed the status of my Dorico 4 license as “never activated” (or something to the effect) before I first tried running Dorico 5. Interestingly, after trying to run Dorico 5, the license for Dorico 4 has now been “activated,” despite never having actually installed or run Dorico 4. If it is possible to have both a Dorico 4 AND a Dorico 5 license, I would imagine that my Dorico 4 license should still show as never having been activated. This indicates something in the auto-activation when running the product that my Dorico 4 license is somehow intertwined with Dorico 5.

If the blog post I referenced used “downloaded” or “redeemed,” for the grace period, then there’s no disputing it and I’m out of luck. But the fact that licenses are tightly managed to only being allowed to be “activated” on one computer at a time makes me think the use of “activated” was intentional. Again, not trying to be a pain - just trying to get the right answer where we’re all speaking the same language without need to interpret :slight_smile:.

While (as Daniel mentioned) this very well could be an error (bug), I dabble in programming and, to me, this indicates a wider disconnect between how the software developers view “activation” and the way it’s being interpreted here. My case is most likely a corner case where redemption/activation (as I view them) did not happen roughly at the same time, but clearly something on the download/license management backend (and the license manager app) does view them as two distinct actions. I’m sure the license/activation system is pretty robust and that the code that verifies dates of purchase/activation is pretty solid, lest they’d risk gifting free product licenses due to simple date comparison issues and/or allowing multiple active activations for a single license, hence why I think it’s important to nail down the semantics.

Thanks again for hearing me out.

When you redeem your Download Access Code, that concretely assigns you a license for the product you have purchased to your account. The date of that redemption is the date that determines your eligibility for the grace period. You do not need to install and activate the software on a computer: if you redeem the DAC, the license for the software is fixed at that point.

You’re quite right, by the way, that you redeemed the license on 30 November 2022 but only first activated the software on your computer on 2 December 2023. I misread the date of your first activation. Sorry for the confusion caused.

However, the policy on grace periods is clear: grace period eligibility is determined by the date of redemption of the DAC, not when the software is activated on a computer.

I’m sorry that this is a disappointing answer, and I reiterate that I recommend waiting a little bit before you move up to Dorico 5 – you could start a 60-day trial version now if you want access to Dorico 5’s features immediately, and then keep an eye out for the forthcoming sales promotion to save a few pounds/dollars on the update.

:+1: understood - this is crystal clear. I still contend that the language in the blog post and documentation about verifying eligibility for the grace period is ambiguous, and would suggest updating them to reflect the above.

No problem at all - they both happened roughly at the same time, but in different years, so I just wanted to make sure that fact wasn’t being misread.

Again, perfectly clear - if I missed this statement in the documentation somewhere, my apologies.

Will do! Not disappointed, per se :slight_smile: I knew I purchased Dorico 4 and was excited to finally be able to actually use it, so when the Steinberg portal and download assistant both told me I had a grace period upgrade for 5, and I read the announcement blog post which (to my understanding) reinforced that, I was pleasantly surprised. I’ll just wait a bit longer! I’m naught but a humble band/orchestra teacher, so was just hoping to stretch my buck to get the latest version since it seemed like the opportunity allowed and I’d never gotten to actually use the version I originally purchased.

Very much appreciated. I’ve previously worked in software support, and this was excellent customer support, not just from the community, but the product manager himself, no less :slight_smile:

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