Help with drum tracks please!

I have EZDRUMMER 2. and I copied a drum track from ezdrummer and pasted it into cubase and it showed up as a midi. But the problem is it has zero volume. I can hear the guitar tracks but not the drums/midi track. I am new to using Cubase 7. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

Are meters moving upon playback?

Make sure you have assigned EZD2 as the vst instrument to the track you copied the midi to. :wink:

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Meters are moving

How do I assign EZD2 as the vst instrument??

Thanks everyone!

Have you got the drums on a midi track or an instrument track? I think you may need the latter.

I always use an “Instrument track” but if on a “Midi track” it should work too.

  • Highlight the track
  • Go to the inspector.
  • Click on the track number. That drops down a menu.
  • Click on where you assign an “Instrument”. I believe it’s the third spot down.
  • Choose EZD2 from the list

You should be all set to hear the drums.

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Ok, I have the Cubase 7 LE - so I dont think I have the ability to do that- am I correct? Do I need to upgrade?

Any Cubase version will do it. You just need to assign the EZD2 drum vst instrument to the midi (or instrument) track you copied the midi to. Did you try it?

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I tried, but must still be doing something wrong… :open_mouth: :cry: Maybe baby step me through the process step by step?

If EZ drummer is in the drop down menu in the inspector, on the left, the select it. If not then I guess you need to set it up.

Did you follow my steps a few posts back? If you did, and EZD2 is not in the list then you do not have the EZD2 .dll file (exdrummer.dll) installed to the correct directory. When I used CB 7 mine was installed to C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase7\VSTplugins. If it is not there you need to find it and paste a copy of the ezdrummer.dll file to that folder then restart CB to refresh the list. Then try my procedure again.

Hope you are running windows…

Let us know how you make out. :slight_smile:

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Forgot to mention this…
After you assign EZD2, do not forget to “activate” it (or turn it on) by pressing the activate button (I believe it is the “e” or “a” button, I can’t remember which off the top of my head). It will turn blue when the vst is activated.

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I am gonna have free time to mess with it tomorrow (Sunday) I will update you guys. Thanks for all the help so far!

Ok guys, Here is what I did.

I ended up upgrading to Cubase 8 and ezdrummer is working just fine in it.

Again, thank you for all your help!