Help with e license for novice

Hi folks, I am a bit of a novice with all this stuff and I have a bunch of questions which are all beginner stuff, I hope you can help me and not get too bored! So, I purchased Cubase artist with a Steinberg UR22mkII, I managed to muddle my way around actually downloading it onto my computer the 2nd time of asking (first time it did not work-which was probably me not doing it correctly and so I deleted everything and started again) and I have now got it up and running but it seems that it hasn’t registered properly with the e-licenser as when I open Cubase up it tells me I only have 24 hours. It is due to run out today. Can somebody please help me with this? I have a little USB stick that it seems all the info is on that came with the purchased package and I would like to know, do I need to have this plugged in every time I want to use Cubase? Also, somehow I must need to have the licenses validated but I don’t know how to go about it now as the code that was e-mailed to me that I put in is saying it is only to be used once but if I have already used it then why is it still asking me to enter an activation code? As I said I am a novice so if someone could leave me some comprehensive easy to follow instructions I would be eternally grateful.

Yes, you need to have the USB eLicenser plugged in whenever you use Cubase. This is where the license is stored.

With the USB eLicenser plugged into the computer and the eLicense Control Software open does the Artist License show up? If not, do any licenses show up?

Are you sure the 24 hours that is about to run out isn’t a trial of Cubase Pro rather than Artist (Artist often comes with a limited time Pro Trial)?

Thanks for your reply, it seems that pro is the one that doesn’t have a license so I guess that it the trial thing and I should just ignore it? Cubase artist opens up ok with the dongle in (thanks for letting me know about that too). When I open it and the e license centre there is a cubase 9.5 license on the right hand side so would I be correct in assuming that all is good there? There is a bit of a dearth of info on the whole process and for people such as myself who last played around with cubase in the early nineties it is a steep learning curve filled with doubt and insecurity about whether I have done something wrong in the process of setting it up! So thanks again for your comments, they have been helpful. And thanks for being the only one who took the time to reply to me and last but not least, cool user name mate, cheers planarchist.

@ timtrue. There will be people reading your posts and someone will almost always chip in with information when they can. There’s a bit of sniping by a few smart a***es, but just ignore that. There are some quite switched on folk here.

It would help if you can post your specs as a signature like planarchist has. You can do that by going up to Control Panel (top right of the forum on every page) then >Profile, then >Edit Signature. The more info available the easier it is for someone to help.

Don’t be easily put off and do enjoy the adventure of getting to know how to get the best out of your software.

You must have installed the eLicenser software in order to see licenses on the USB eLicenser.
Open that software and there is a tab for validation and when you click on it it will request your Activation Code, you can copy and paste if you have it written somewhere on a doc in your computer or if it came on an email, if not enter it manually.
Also make sure you run the eLicense Maintenance once in a while.
Maybe some of this does not apply if you got all this as a package and it came preactivated, just a guess.

Like already stated you need the USB stick plugged in to run the software, the beauty being that you can install Artist or whatever version in more than one computer, for example desktop and laptop, or pc and mac and you can use cubase in whichever the stick is pluged in, sweet.