Help with early timing issue?

This one is driving me nuts. When I try and record midi it’s always early by about 1/32 of a note. I’ve tried lots of settings such as the use timestamp and/or direct music and the asio compensation settings in recording midi section. Nothing seems to make a difference. It’s like I need more latency in the audio playback??

When I try recording midi in time I am doing it to a midi track directly, there is no vst (no instrument and no effect) involved in the project at all.

I also did a loopback test routing a midi track out my interface and back in. The notes there are about 23ppq early. Which is less than I’m seeing when I attempt to play in time myself. Heck, I’d be happier with only 23ppq early vs what I’m getting.

Thoughts, suggestions?

Looks like regardless of the tempo is seems to be around 156ms early.

Are you sure all plugins are de-activated rather than just bypassed? I’ve had this issue when just bypassing some plugins…on bypass Cubase seems to bizarrely correct for plugin related latency even though it’s not there thus making things early.

Ok finally got this one solved. I got an updated windows thunderbolt driver from Antelope Audio that isn’t released to the public yet that solves the issue. They already knew about the problem.