Help with EMU Patchmix - Please!!!

I’d be eternally grateful, yes really, if someone could give me an ‘idiots’ guide to this.

I have Cubase 4 Studio and EMU Patchmix DSP.

I create songs in Cubase and can use Patchmix to add effects to the whole song to listen through my speakers from Cubase itself.

However, I can’t audio mixdown the final mix with the Patchmix effects included.

So, what I want to record as a final mix is what I hear in my speakers and headphones - which is routed through Patchmix from Cubase - but I can’t export and audio mixdown the version that incorporates these effects.

It’s drivng me me mad! I have reviewed all kind of articles on the internet but I just can’t it work. Doesn’t seem logical to me. I’ve spent days trying to sort this.

Adding effects from EMUfx to each individual component track within Cubase is no good because I use up too many effects. In any case, for teh song I’m doing now I think that adding ‘vocal enhancer’ across the whole mix seems to work - at least for now - so that’s what I’m trying to do!

I know it has something to do with creating strips with ASIO INs and OUTs - then somehow matching these in Cubase. I believe the sound needs to go out through Patchmix then come back into Cubase before exporting the audio mixdown? Can anyone help?? Step by step fool proof instructions are needed I’m afraid!

What order do I follow, where do I go in Cubase and how do I set up a basic route for the audio?

Many, many thanks if anyone can help!!


Not really a Cubase question…
I don´t know, why people don´t look into the manuals (IIRC it´s explained there quite well) instead of “all articles on the internet”, but here goes:
Use the EMU power FX, and insert it in the master output of you mix - dead simple. You´ll probably have to export in realtime though.

That would only be the more complicated option…

Hi ‘Thinkingcap’

How do you insert it in the ‘Master Output of the Mix’? - where do you find this?

Incidentally, I have read the manuals and as many articles as I could find, but the problem is that everybody seems to assume that I know ALL the basics - unfortuantely I don’t!!

It’s like most things - it’s easy when you know how!

I’ll search for the ‘master output’ and where to ‘insert’ the EMU Power FX later - I hope I can find it…if I can I’ll be back on here to thank you in an extremely grateful manner!


Well, you definitely should know such basics like “Master output” or “insert FX” when working with a software like Cubase. Otherwise there is no common starting point for explanations. The Cubase manual explains that quite well the difference between insert effects and insert slots and the mixer layout.

Go on, give me a clue!

I know how to put inserts on individual tracks within the mix and I happily use things like Melodyne etc etc.

I also know that I try to run before I can walk - but just a small clue as to where to find the ‘master output’ would be very handy!


I’m not being lazy, it’s just a little help I’m after!..


The Master output is the output, you route all your single tracks to in Cubase. Maybe also called “Main out”, the one you “export mixdown” in the end… It´s in the output channels in the mixer, it also has insert slots just like any other channel.

Thank you thinkingcap - I have found it now!

Following your first reply earlier, you gave me a decent clue, I also worked out that exporting the whole thing as an audio mixdown, reloading into Cubase and then applying the EMU Powerfx to the one audio track achieved a result too. Curiously, putting the Powerfx in the main ouput is causing ‘jumping’ problems with my mix - so I expect I have too many effects going on all over the place!

I am very, very grateful for your help. Finding inserts in the main output is a real bonus and getting the overall thing I was looking for takes me forward so many steps!

:smiley: Phil