Help with Eucon needed


I use an Artist Mix and an Artist Control V2. I am on Windows 7 Ultimate 64Bit, Cubase 7.0.5. and use Eucon 2.7.1.
Eucon 3.0 does not work in my Setup: When I reopen cubase after the first successful usage of Eucon 3.0 the two Controllers do no longer communicate with cubase.

Anyway. 2.7.1 works. But: Are there any exprienced Artist-Series users out there who can maybe answer some of my questions? E.g. What do the “Eucon” Settings do ? (Hui, MCU - Midichannels) Or: Is there a way to control Levels of the cue Outs in the control room mixer with the Artist Controllers?

Thank you, Ernst

To use EuCon 3.0 you have to stop and restart the service from the EuCon panel. It’s a known problem that affects to all EuCon users.

Hi, many thanks for the help, I will try that as soon as possible! - I felt a Little “left alone” with Eucon on Cubase.

Do you happen to know useful ressources for the other questions that I posted?
Can I control VSTInstruments that are in the Instrument rack (and not in an Instrument track) with the Artist Series Controller?

Thank you!!!

Ernst :slight_smile:

That’s a tough one. Honestly, I don’t have any clue. I use a Novation Nocturn as MIDI quick control device (not automap because it’s buggy as hell)

HI Antonio ;9

Many thanks for your help so far. I have reinstalled Eucon 3.0.

Could you explain step by step how I have to stop and restart the Service and WHEN I have to do this?
Please be Patient… I really Need a Detailed help

Thank you !


Hi, i thank you so much for your help!

BR, Ernst

you can control the cue mix levels by using the sends button on the euphonix, then just keep clicking the forward button to bank through the sends and after you’ve gone through the regular sends you’ll get to the cue sends. Hit flip and you’ll have your cue sends on your faders.

Eucon 3 working fine here with Cubase 7x64 and windows 8 x64



Just to tell you - you are not alone :laughing:

Made the same experience - was not patient enough to look for a work around - made the re-install of the V2.7.1 to have my freedom again.

Nowadays, after re-installing cubase due to another issue, I tried again with V3.0 - same problems, but quit and restart the driver now as proposen and explained already. :wink:

I learnd from the past - these things changes all the time. Don’t forget to make music because of this :exclamation:


Hi many thanks to all for the help and comments.

Yes, - i do make Music :slight_smile: despite all the technical issues.

Please note that I DO know how to control the cue Levels (the cue send-Levels from the Audio tracks to the control room) but there does not seem to be a way to control the cue-studioleves in the control room mixer! (or?)

Concerning Eucon 3.0 and the “disconnection” - maybe this depends on Network Card or on the question whether the eucon Controller ist connected to a Switch? My Setup brings the two Artist Controllers to the Network via a Switch that is connected to a router (on the LAN-Side of course). the Computer cubase is running on is also connected to that router.

Cheers, Ernst

PS.: Any idea what the “dyn” knobset does? :slight_smile: