Help with external MIDI devices

I am trying to integrate my DR-770 drum machine with Cubase 6. I have it connected to a MIDI Terminal, 4 port MIDI (USB) interface. It is on port #2, channel #10. I thought that I have it properly set up as an external MIDI device, but I cannot achieve recording or playback to or from Cubase. Has anyone tried a similar configuration and achieved success? I must be missing something in my setup. I need any help or advice that anyone can provide. Thanks in advance. :question:

Intel I5 Quad Core Processor at 4.3 G
16 G of memory
Windows 7 Ultimate
Cubase 6.0.7
Native Instruments Komplete
EZ Drummer
Axiom Pro 61
Boss DR-770 Drum Machine
Dedicated 10000 RPM HDD for Cubase
M-Audio Omni
Presonus Fire Studio
MIDI Terminal 4U (4 port unit, USB)

It’s not necesary to create new external device. Open Devices > Device Setup. On the left side, click on the MIDI. Check, there is your MIDI terminal available.

Create new MIDI track. Set the MIDI Terminal Port 2 as your MIDI output, and set MIDI Channel 10. Now, you should be able to send MIDI data from the track to your HW.