Help with file size bloat (play related)

I’m experimenting with a new VI library, but am trying to figure out what is going on with the massive file size bloat and save times. I admit, I don’t really understand exactly what playback info is saved with the file, but I’m not experiencing this with other libraries, so trying to figure out if this is a setup issue, or issue with this particular library, user error or what.

File/New, add a Tenor Sax, apply HALion Playback Template:
File size 555 kB, save time 726 ms

Apply my standard Playback Template that connects to my usual libraries in VEPro instance. If it matters, there are 6 instruments in this particular VEPro instance, but it’s a big VEPro project with 13 instances.
File size 520 kB, save time 692 ms

Manually connect to a single instrument in the new library using Kontakt in Dorico:
File size 3.63 MB, save time 977 ms

Apply a Playback Template that connects to a VEPro instance with this new library. There are 6 instruments in the VEPro instance:
File size 19.3 MB, save time 6413 ms

WTH?!? Any idea what’s going on with that massive file size and save time? There’s no actual music in the file, it’s just a Tenor Sax. with a quarter rest. If I open a huge 45 minute piece for ballet orchestra, 20 movements (flows), that uses a very large VEPro template with libraries from many different manufacturers, it is only 4.29 MB and a save takes 2068 ms.

I don’t really want to mention the library yet in case there’s user error somewhere here, but it’s not really going to be usable for me with these insane save times. (Remember 6.5 seconds is just with the one instrument. It’s worse with a lot of instruments loaded.)

Any ideas what’s happening here?

When you’re using VE Pro, you should consider using it in “decoupled” mode. When decoupled, the assumption is that you have a fixed VE Pro configuration that you will load manually before you open your project. VE Pro won’t then send its current state over to Dorico when you save your project, which will both reduce the size of the project and reduce the amount of time it takes to save – at the expense, of course, of not saving any changes you make in VE Pro.

I suspect most users are running VE Pro in decoupled mode, and it’s generally what we would recommend.


Thanks!!! When decoupled it’s back to 524 kB and 661 ms for a save. That fixes it!

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In case this may be of some interest/furtherance (using VEPro Coupled vs Decoupled / Preserved vs Unpreserved):

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Got it, thanks! I had forgotten that was even something to do, so hadn’t done it with the new library.

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@FredGUnn , I think “the machine” realizes that, even during a simple quarter rest, any tenor playing out there will be thinking about playing many, many notes…