Help with flows titles and composer name

Hello. I’m working on a project with music from different composers. I have not been able to have each flow showing the title, the composer name, and the copyright information at the bottom of the page. How is it done? Like in this video where you see each flow with its titles and composers’ names.

Thank you for all your help.

Hi @amauri_montalvo To obtain what you want, you have to:

  1. edit the Flow Heading template in Engrave mode (both for full score and parts) and create a text frame with the flow composer token in it, right aligned.
  • You can also delete the flow number token from the template (so the number of the flows will not automatically be added).
  1. Then insert a page template change (right clicking on the little first page icon) so that all your pages use the default page template, if you don’t need a project title on the first page (as in the video that you referred to). In this case you can also delete the project title token in the Default page template.

  2. To let the page numbers appear choose in Layout Options/Page setup/Flows: Page number in header: Show above flow heading

The flow titles and flow composers can be defined in the Project infos window with the shortcut command(control)+I To make the flow title bold you can set this in menu Paragraph styles…/Flow Title.

For the copyright you need to edit the Default page template, drag the bottom control point of the blue music frame a little up, and drag a text frame into the so created space, inserting the copyright token in it. Remember to make this change on both left and right page. (If you just copy L>R the page numbers will be not positioned correctly as in the default, but you can also decide to have the page numbers in other places of course…)

Here the Dorico file as an example:
flow composer.dorico (527.2 KB)



Wow, thank you very much. I really appreciate your help. I followed your instruccions and everything is working fine. Thank you again.

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One more question. How can I have the copyright info on each flow at the bottom of the page. I tried to add a token but it appears at the top of the page. I can’t figure it out. As you can see, it moves the music away from the top.

@amauri_montalvo The copyright info (and the text frame that contains it) needs to be edited/added, in your case, to the Default page template not to the Flow heading [corrected: thanks @MarcLarcher :slight_smile: ] template.
And make sure that you choose the Flow Copyright token (and not the Project copyright one), depending on the needs.
The only thing is that with this method the copyright will be under each page, and may be not what you want.
(There are ways to avoid this, using a duplicate of the Default page template without the copyright, that you then apply to the desired pages.
Or just adding the empty text frame in the Default page template and then add the copyright token directly in the layout on the desired pages. But make this last method only at the very end of editing your project, because it creates page overrides)

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Flow heading template :wink:


I will your suggestions and let you know the results. Thank you again.

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