Help with from Roland Juno-DS61 to Scarlett to Cubase 10 Pro Setup

Hi guys,

Apologies for the post if this post relates to any previous posts, I hope this is in the correct section as I am completely new to the forum and to Cubase.
I did search for other Roland Juno DS post regarding my situation, but couldn’t find something to assist me with my problem, maybe I missed it, so here goes.
I bought Cubase 10 Pro and I am trying to set up my recording/mixing system. It is running the basics as in starting from Roland Juno-DS as input to the Scarlett 4i4 interface then to my laptop with Cubase 10 Pro. From the Scarlett I have my monitor speakers set up and don’t make use of my laptop sound.
I want to record my Roland Synth playing the presets on the synth itself and record it in Cubase. I have done a lot of youtube research and reading posts trying to get everything set up correctly, but I still have the issue where I hear no sound from the recording.
Is there anybody who has set up a Roland Juno DS with an interface to Cubase who ran into this experience of not getting any sound?
I have checked all my sound settings, inputs, outputs inside of Cubase, seting up the return bus for the Roland, copied and pasted the Roland Juno-DS script file into the inactive folder as shown on Steinberg website to get getting all the presets in Cubase and they do come up in my inspector tab. Also I have played around with the Scarlett outputs as well. I have also ensured that in the inspector tab I select the All midi inputs as input and my Scarlett as the output source, I did try the other inouts and outputs. I also have linked the Roland to the Instrument Device manager and I have made sure that my Audio setup is set up correctly according to the Steinberg’s youtube videos. I scan see when I press record that it is definitely recording something as it shows notes in the recording bar, but I just cannot get any sound on the playback or on the monitor option of the instrument tab. I am at the point where I just don’t know anymore after days of trying to get Cubase to record from my Roland before I start playing around with VST instruments in Cubase.
Maybe i am just missing something small or I am just very dumb at this.

Can somebody please direct me to how you have set up your Cubase 10 with an interface and Roland Juno DS Synth to be able to record the Roland presets straight from the Roland Synth.

Any help/assistance and suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks in advance