Help with grace note slur settings

Does anyone have some favorite settings for grace note slur behavior?

What’s coming out by default is really wonky, both when the slur is below or above. There are collisions happening, and the ends are either too far from the note or kind of pointing away next to it rather than sitting directly on top (see screenshots below).

Playing with the settings doesn’t seem to affect it as I would expect, but I might be misunderstanding it. I’d rather not manually adjust each slur if possible.


I’m afraid that when you have a wide span between the grace note and the main rhythmic note, Dorico doesn’t do a brilliant job of producing a suitable slur contour on its own. You will need to make some adjustments to get a good result. You might want to consider giving each grace note a tiny bit more horizontal space using the tools in Engrave mode so that you can give each slur a less extreme angle.

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