Help with Groove agent and MPD218

Hi guys.

New to Cubase and having some issues getting the MPD218 to work as I would like with Groove agent.
What I want is to set it up so that the 16 pads on screen always correspond to the 16 pads on my drumpad.
I found out how to change the key assignments, or to set it to learn a note and then press each pad and save as a profile.
The problem is that when loading up another kit the on-screen triggers for each pad could use entirely different notes, requiring me to remap each one and save as a different profile for each new kit.

This is not a very efficient system at all, so I am assuming I am missing something obvious here. Is there a way to lock the onscreen pad triggers to be the same key triggers every time a new kit is loaded. So once I map the MPD218 the 16 real pads will always match the 16 virtual ones?



The mpd218 should have an option where you can choose a mapping for a DAW. I have a MPD232 also. Did you make a mapping in the editor?

The problem I am having is with Groove agent changing the required key inputs depending on what kit you load up. I wanted to know if there was a way to set groove agent so the 16 pads use the same trigger notes in the same layout, regardless of what kit is loaded?

Bumping to see if anyone can help me with this.


Hi, and welcome to the forums. This section of the forums is for posting about problems or “issues” related to the program itself, not user questions or problems. You’d likely get better answers by posting this question in the General Section.

Anyway, what I suggest is that you save your mapped working kit as a Preset and then use that Kit was the basis for other Kits to work in conjunction with your instrument.

Thanks Stephen, I will try that.

Hi Mark,

Was your issue resolved? If so…can you please let me know how you did it? A basic step by step guide? I am also new to this whole midi thing.


No I didn’t manage to sort it out unfortunately.