Help with Groove agent and MPD218

Hi guys.

New to Cubase and having some issues getting the MPD218 to work as I would like with Groove agent.
What I want is to set it up so that the 16 pads on screen always correspond to the 16 pads on my drumpad.
I found out how to change the key assignments, or to set it to learn a note and then press each pad and save as a profile.
The problem is that when loading up another kit the on-screen triggers for each pad could use entirely different notes, requiring me to remap each one and save as a different profile for each new kit.

This is not a very efficient system at all, so I am assuming I am missing something obvious here. Is there a way to lock the onscreen pad triggers to be the same key triggers every time a new kit is loaded. So once I map the MPD218 the 16 real pads will always match the 16 virtual ones?




Could Hardware Controller Mapping in Groove Agent SE help to your situation?

I will check that out. Thanks.