Help with how to use SENDS 4 group track compression please!

Hi everyone, I grouped all my vocal tracks into one group. I set the send level to 0db for each one. Once I did this the volume for all vocal tracks increased a lot. I’m not sure why this is happening because I don’t understand SENDs well enough. I need a quick primer to help me . Here’s what I’m trying to do: add some light compression to the group track to get all the vocal tracks to gel a little better together and prevent a few of them from spiking at certain parts (limit them)

Please help


To compress a group of vocals together use the insert slots on the group track.

Sends are for FX that add to the signal rather than effecting the signal…reverb, delay and other FX that can be set 100% wet.

Thank you!!

Also, where do I set the output for a VST instrument to go to the Group?

In full Mixconsole/Routing rack or open the channel editor (e buttons)

Sorry Grim, I don’t see them "(

You don’t see what?

I can’t find where I assign a VST instrument output to a group ?

Did you press any button with e on it to open the channel editor? they’re all over the place, quite hard to miss…in the inspector in 2 places for instrument tracks, in the track list, in the MixConsole full or lower zone version on every channel!

Yes of course , and every time I open them they say “stereo out” and there is no way to change it

Look at the image… it’s the editor window for RMX… the red button lower right says stereo, that is output, but there is no way to change it

Where it says 2 Targets is where it should say Stereo Out and where you would (and should still be able to) change it.

You have assigned the group via direct routing which is why it says 2 targets. It won’t be a problem unless you assign this channel back to the stereo out and then the group direct routing will stay active. I’d suggest you lose the direct routing altogether.

But I haven’t made any direct routing assignments. This is what Cubase assigned when I added the instrument. I have no idea how to lose the direct routing and assign the VST to a group. I have spent hours now combing through the manual and trying every button imaginable and I just don’t see how the VST its routed to a group. So frustrated

You don´t have direct routing, so forget about that, the 2nd target is the send.

Well, as has been said before click on where it says “2 targets” and assign the group there. You can also use the “Add group channel to selected channels” command in the mix console, or as also mentioned already, the routing rack in the mixconsole. There is reall not much more to explain about that - straightforward, very simple, and also well documented in the manual. Maybe start reading it once more.

Thank you I see it now. Thanks