Help with importing MusicXML from Musescore

I’m making my first attempt at importing a MXL score into Dorico, and the results are terrible. I’m not privy to the MusicXML standard, but importing this file into MuseScore 3 works perfectly. I’ve tried toggling on and off various settings within Dorico 5 Elements and it’s the same scrambled result every time. I’ve included the file here (be sure to rename extension to .mxl) in case anyone is willing to take a look along with two pictures of the import working/not working in MuseScore/Dorico respectively.

Chopin - Prelude op.28 (Raindrop).xml (20.7 KB)

your file seems to be corrupt.
neither in Dorico, nor in Finale I can open it

If you change the tuplets it will work.

32th are technically wrong up to 7 notes in a quarter should be 16th notes. If you edit them it will work.

Chopin - Prelude op.28 (Raindrop) EDIT.xml (12.1 KB)

Thank you very much. I’ll compare and keep an eye out for this in the future. I did try another file for this piece and it worked as expected.

Just out of curiosity how where the tuplets written? Was it a mXML from the same original file?

I downloaded the first one from a musescore transcription and didn’t change anything in it.

ok. I don’t know enough about mXML and how this happened. But replacing the tuplets to a “correct” one, did the trick.