Help with installing multiple versions of Cubase

So I emailed Steinberg support, but got no help with this. So hopefully someone here can help.

On my current PC, I purchased Cubase 7 Pro years ago and installed it with the included CD in the box, I then upgraded online to 7.5 Pro.

I’ll be getting a new PC this week, and I want to install 7.5 Pro and a new 10.5 Pro upgrade that I purchased last week, and was wondering how I could go about installing both 7.5 and 10.5 on the new machine.

Should I run the 7.5 Pro .exe file on the new computer, then also upgrade to 10.5? or do I need to install Cubase 7 Pro as well, and then the other two versions?


Asked hundreds of times on the Forums…: If you have the full installers. you can install just the Version you have a license for.

The 10.5 license allows you to run older versions.
You will need to install the full versions, I would start with old to new.
Any shared media files will only be updated if needed.

I’m bumping this because I got my new computer, and attempted to install all the versions from old to new, but came across a problem, hopefully someone can help.

I installed 7 Pro without any issues using the CD installer. I then went to install 7.5 using the update file I had downloaded at the time. It runs the installer, but doesn’t let me actually install 7.5 or anything else except for the Eucon Adapter. I have no idea what I’m doing wrong, or why I can’t install the other contents. I’ve attached a screenshot of the screen that shows most of the contents, and how they can’t be installed, as they only have the “No Changes” option.

EDIT: I also just downloaded the 7.5 update file from the Steinberg site, in case there was an issue with the file I had. But I have the same problem, none of the contents can be installed.

Obviously everything is installed already.

True. And if for some reason (e.g. suspected corruption) you wanted to reinstall any of those items just select it in the left panel and change what the installer does in the right panel.