Help with Instrument Tracks in Cubase 11 using VePRO 7

Hello! I’m new to Cubase and VSTs and I can’t seem to find an answer for this question so I hope someone here has experience with this and can guide me.

My setup: I’m using a two computer system, Master and Slave, with Cubase 11 on my master and VePro 7 server on my Slave with Eastwest Hollywood libraries.

My question is I’d like to use Instrument tracks instead of MIDI tracks in my template. But I’m not able to find a way to assign the MIDI Channel of a particular instrument to the particular Instrument track to play the patch using VePRO. When I add VePro Instrument, it allows me to connect to the instance on my slave, but the PLAY controller does not open as it would if the libraries were on the same computer as the host, so I can’t assign the Instrument track with a MIDI port or Midi Channel as I can with a MIDI track. (If I assign it a PLAY instrument instead of VePRO, it opens the PLAY controller, but the instrument libraries can’t be found because they are residing on the Slave computer.

Am I stuck using only MIDI tracks using VePRO server on a slave computer?

Any feedback would be appreciated.



I’m in the same boat trying to do the same thing. Did you figure out a way to do this?

No I did not. I started over using MIDI tracks instead. I did find out that using Instrument Tracks, it only allows you to use 1 port in VePro, so using MIDI tracks is the best option. Hope this helps.