Help with Instrument Tracks

I created an instrument track for Absynth. I also created a corresponding VST instrument for it. My problem is that I can change the patches in Absynth and they will play from the on-screen keyboard. If I try to use my MIDI controller the only thing that plays is the default track in Absynth. What am I doing wrong??

Intel quad core at 4.3 G
16 M RAM
Dedicated 10000 RPM drive for Cubase
Presonus FireStudio
M-Audio Delta 66
M-Audio Axiom Pro
Cubase 6.0.7
Native Intruments 7
EZ Drummer
Amplitube 3

An Instrument track is audio track and MIDI track together. You don’t need an VST Instrument (rack) for this track. Use the Instrument track only.

If you want to use VST Instrument, add a MIDI track, and route the output of the MiDI track to this Absynth.