Help with Logical Editor

If anyone would be so kind, please.

Essentially, what I’m trying to do is have “Duplicate” [Ctrl-D] work in the score editor.

I am using “Insert”, and Target=Position, Operation=Add Length.

While this works perfectly for a single note, or chord, things go bad when I want to duplicate a passage, because the logical editor treats each note seperately, and not as a selection.

So, if I have 8 sixteenth notes at the start of the measure and a half note on the 3rd beat, and I run the logical editor:

Expectation: Have 8 sixteenth notes and a half note on the next measure.
Reality: The pattern is pasted on the second sixteenth note. (because add length acts on a per-note basis)

How can I achieve what I want?


Logical editor always takes it event by event, one by one.

As a workaround, I would try to make a Macro (instead of the Logical Editor):

  • Open Key Editor
  • Duplicate
  • Close Key Editor

Here’s my macro for that exact function:


Thanks a lot martin and steve, I will do it that way.

Ok, next question. :blush:

I want to make a macro that acts upon toggle dotted as a switch.

Explanation: I select a note, trigger the macro, adds dot to note. I select a dotted note, trigger the macro, the dot is removed.

Then, I want to have the opposite function, so:

Now my problem is, I can’t use those two commands as a toggle. If I put them one after another in the macro, they cancel out. (The note is first dotted, and then, when the second logical editor runs it undots the note all in the space of one macro.)

It’s too logical! :laughing: How can I specify a condition that allows me to have both?

IF note lengths are as in first picture, then multiply by 1.5, if note lengths are as in the second picture, then divide by 1.5.


In this case, I would another workaround again…

For the 1st Logical editor, I would somehow “mark” the MIDI Notes, which have been changed. So I would go for example for changing a channel. Or changing a MIDI Note Off value. Something what doesn’t really hurt.

Then the 2nd Logical Editor would be if the (Length == xxx) && (Note Off Value != your “marker” value).

Then you would have the 3rd Logical editor to fix this Note Off value back to your default one (to make it usable for the next time, if necessary).

Ah, cunning! :wink:

I think I’m getting it. Many thanks Martin!