Help with loops


I’ve made the move from logic to cubase. I have a disc of loops with three file formats apple loops, wav and Rex. Having copied the wav folder to my hdd I’ve loaded up media bay and ensured the folder is selected and has scanned. On doing so I can see the files in the library.

However when I open loop library I can’t see them at all, even by searching the filenames they don’t appear. Am I doing something wrong?

Going back to media bay if I drag the loop to the track the tempo of the loop doesn’t match that of the track (as it would do in logic) any help would be appreciated.

Are there any tutorials anyone can recommend I’m struggling to get my head around cubase in comparison to logic.

When it’s scanning, you see a number incrementing, that’s the maximum number of files it will show, you have to change that be much higher than the default for large file count numbers of loops/midi/presets etc.

Not at PC so can’t give exact keystrokes but it’s simple enough, just double click on it If I remember but don’t quote me on that!

Not too sure about all your issues. But Rex will not work properly in mediabay. Pls support all or any thread about this.