Help With Meter

Hello, would anyone be able to help be figure out what meter setting this fellow is using to display in colors how hot the signal is? I can tell he is in Digital Scale but I looked around and can’t seem to find what he is enabling to show the colors that way in Digital Scale mode.

You go to preferences and set the colours you like - or what exactly is the question…?

On my setup, when set to “digital meter” setting, i only get it in blue color. The way the Digital Meter is displaying in that video, this changing to green yellow and red as signal gets hotter.

And as said if you go to preferences, you can adjust the colours to your taste. Just as you can for the standard channel meters.

thanks. i finally found the meter setting in prefs. i think what was confusing me was that when i first starting searching for it, i tried the different master meter settings from the drop down[1] and saw the colors changing, so i thought the fellow in the YT video was using a meter preset that applied only to the “digital level” setting, so i was searching for a buried digital level setting in that drop down setting. i finally found the meter settings in preferences.