Help with Midi chain Needed

A friend has borrowed me his Roland SH-32 synth as he has no soundcard at the mo to hook up midi.
In my setup i have Oxygen8 midi keyboard midi out to midi in on Focusrite saffire6 usb midi in,soundcard midi out to midi in Korg ER-1,midi out korg ER-1 to midi in on M-audio midisport2x2.
Where do i put the midi in and out for the Roland SH-32?
Also,should i be using midi thru of the Korg ER-1 into the midi in of the M Audio midisport?Have not been able to get it to sync with cubase 5,it only accepts Midi Clock,tried the advice on another thread from a member here but have been unable to get the Korg ER-1 Drum machine to play in sync with cubase 5.
I was using cubase vst 5.1 prior to getting my dual core pc running windows 7 64 bit,was able to get the drum machine to sync with cubase vst no problems.
This along with the problems with no rewire channel showing in cubase 5 makes me wonder if i should do a fresh install of both cubase 5 and Reason 8.
What does anyone think?
Any help always appreciated.