Help with midi controller's transport keys

Hi everybody,

First of all I have Cubase 5 (yes, dinosaur). After fighting to get my midi keyboard keys to control the transport buttons (start, stop, record, etc) I noticed they only work if you press and hold them. I mean, to record I have to press and hold the assigned record key for a few seconds until it starts recording. It’s awful.
If someone knows any trick I’ll be happy to share imaginary beer.

P.S: this is the generic remote stuff I created:

The top section is incoming, what you want to receive the bottom section is outgoing what you want it to do.

You can rename them so they make sense, not everything is a fader. A fader is a bad choice of a control to use for something that just needs a switch.

Read about what flags are and what they do here.

Thank you so so so much!!! Worked like a charm changing the flags in the bottom section