Help with MIDI Detection in Cubase Artist Elements 7

Hi there! So I’ve been using CAE7 for a few months and have had no issues. But just a few minutes ago I was using my computer keyboard to support a music folder, and I must have hit some button(s) and now my MIDI controller isn’t being detected by Cubase. I’ve restarted it, but no luck. Any help?

Aloha R, and welcome to the board. E’ Komo Mai’.

Let’s start with your 'puter (PC/Mac/OS etc etc)?
and then your hardware controller.

Need some specs.


Sorry. Should have included that stuff in the first post. >.< I’m just in the middle of rush for two projects and this just kind of halted them.

PC, running Windows 8.

Controller is an Akai MPK61, connected via USB.

CB running on a windows machine…
So just wondering if your midi controller somehow got unplugged (from usb) after CB was started. If yes then just shutdown CB, plug in the controller, then restart CB. CB should detect it. This is only a concern for those using CB on a windows OS.

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