Help with MIDI export options

Hi all.

I am using Cubase to create MIDI files to play on another instrument. Recently I have started using automation, but the problem is I cannot export the automation to MIDI. I need to export both program changes and automation into the MIDI, but I am unable to do so. Is there a way to do this? Sorry if this is a silly question.


Unfortunately you can’t export Inspector Patch & Automation at the same time. The only way would be to write the Inspector Patch to the MIDI Part.

To print the Automation to the track (MIDI CCs) use MIDI > Freeze MIDI Modifiers. Be aware, then you get both the Automation track + the MIDI CCs. So I would recommend to remove the automation after, to don’t send the data 2 times.

Btw, In Cubase 11 you can process MIDI CCs in the Key Editor as the automation curves, so I would say, there is no need to use the automation track for the MIDI CCs anymore. Or what was your reason to use the automation instead of MIDI CCs?

Hey Martin. Thanks so much for assisting me. I tried the freeze MIDI modifiers and it worked! I realise I must have confused you with mix of terminology, but thanks for identifying what I meant. I just wanted to find a way to “print” the automation that I’ve done, say for volume to the volume parameter in MIDI.

That would be good but I don’t have Cubase 11 yet, but could upgrade soon! :slightly_smiling_face: