Help with MIDI filtering

So, I’m pretty new to MIDI and I’m using a Novation MIDI controller, and upon playing in the standalone Halion program I see that the pads output at channel 10 and the keys at channel 1 (or whichever channel assigned)

When using Cubase (10.5, pro) however, it is all recognized as the same. When I push the low C and first pad, they are the same command.

I’m pretty sure I have to use the input transformer but it completely confuses me. I’ve played around with it and tried to follow a few threads but had no success.

Anyone have a (reasonably) straightforward way for me to solve this issue?

I would also like to be able to assign the pads as MIDI buttons that I can “learn cc” with if possible. It’s not possible when they are recognized as notes.

Apologies for the noobness, but I’m stuck! Thanks for any help.


If you want to pass only the keyboard data to the track, use the Input Transformer preset Channel Filtering > Pass CH 1.

If you want to pass only the pads data to the track, use the Input Transformer preset Channel Filtering > Pass CH 10.

Thanks, I’ve tried that though. But I can’t seem to get cubase to recognize the pads as channel 10. Only the standalone HALion recognizes them on channel 10. I’ve turned off MackieHUI and tried Generic Remote as well, and the pads still come through channel 1


Please remove Mackie Control and Generic Remote.

Add a MIDI Track. Add MIDI Insert MIDI Monitor. Make sure the Channel is set to Any in the MIDI Track. Play a keyboard. Can you see MIDI Messages at Channel 1? Then hit the Pad. Can you see the MIDI Message at Channel 10?

Yep - this worked. Now I would love to be able to assign the pads to MIDI learn buttons within an instrument (Omnisphere for instance) but still get the channel 1 through to play the instrument


Is the MIDI Track’s Channel set to Any, please?

I’ve tried Any, 1, and 10


Could you add MIDI Monitor MIDI Insert to the track, to double check, what MIDI Data (MIDI Channel) do you send out, please?

1 for keys, 10 for pads. I think I need to convert the channel 10 midi information into something that can be recognized as a CC learn, while still using the keys on channel 1


I have read the whole thread thru again. There is one detail, I probably overlooked. What is your use case? Do I understand you right (now, finally), you want to assign a command in the Generic Remote Device to the MIDI Message? If this is your scenario, then the Input Transformer doesn’t play any role. The Input Transformer is track based, Generic Remote Device sits before.

But in the Generic Remote you can specify the MIDI Channel (in the upper sheet).