help with midi input filters

strange thing:
after using C10.5 without a hitch suddenly certain midi events are filtered out: Mod Wheel,CC11, CC12,
Midi Ox shows that the midi data is coming from the keyboard, but the midi monitor on the midi track does not show them.
for a test i loaded old preferences and from the time when things worked fine and Midi was received and recorded as before. so it is clear that Cubase filters out specific midi events. but i can’t figure out where. Midi Filter in Preferences shows to let everything through.
either i find where the settings are that causes the ignoring of specific controllers or i have to find out in which of the preference files that cubase creates are the settings stored for Midi filtering.

any help?



Make sure, you don’t use any Remote Device (or Quick Controls), which would filter the MIDI CCs. Set the MIDI Input of the Remote Devices to Not Connected.

thanks martin. i solved the problem by deleting the preferences. after that everything worked again.
would just be interesting to know which of the numerous preference files contained the fault.