Help with MIDI parts

Hi all. I have a problem, if I have a MIDI part and I shorten it, any notes that are cut, are still active. Is there any way in settings to choose to make these notes inactive? I know I could just delete them, but I use shared copies of the parts and I want to keep them intact. I have attached a screenshot of my problem.
Thank you!
midi cut part.jpg

you could highlight the notes you “dont want” and MUTE them. they will still exist but will not sound.

I agree with Keyzs

Thanks for the replies! I tried that but they get muted on the other Shared Repeats too. :frowning:

convert them to “Real Copy” before muting the notes.

It was how the copies were made in the first place. There are copy - copies and shared copies.

its all in the manual under Shared Copies

Thanks, but I would prefer to keep them Shared. If non-shared copies were to be used I could go on and delete what I don’t like.

It will only covert to Real Copy, the Part that you have selected… all the others will remain shared (apart from that one :wink: )

I guess this is the only way then… Thank you all!