Help With MIDI Playback

First of all, I’m sorry if these questions are stupid, and just tell me if I should go back and read the manual.

I have a Kurzweil K1000 keyboard hooked up to TASCAM US-1641 through two MIDI cables set up In-Out and Out-In. However, I do not have a MIDI playback device for the Thru output from the keyboard. Is there any way to have playback when playing the keyboard (like a normal track setup) without going out and buying one of these device.
My overall goal is to just get the MIDI stuff I record onto an audio track, so it is included in the audio mixdown.

Also, I saw the MIDI gate plugin. Is that what I’m looking for? I tried it out and there’s still no playback or recording into either track.

Again sorry if I’m just being stupid.

Clarification please:
You want the sound of the keyboard recorded?
You want the MIDI notes played on the keyboard recorded?

The notes.

Make sure that the MIDI track’s input and output are set to the correct ports.
Make sure that local control is set to “off” on your keyboard.
Enable monitoring on the MIDI track.

This will route the MIDI input that Cubase is receiving back to your keyboard, triggering the sound generator.
With local control being set to “off” you won’t double trigger.

As a side note: The MIDI Thru port only passes MIDI data that the unit receives from the MIDI in port. It’s not a second MIDI out port.

But it says in the manual that you can’t hear playback unless you have a MIDI playback device, so I think that’s the problem.

Take notice of the edit to my previous post.

A MIDI playback device can be hardware or software. You can set the output of the MIDI track to a Synth within Cubase.

Where should I have my headphones plugged in?
Since there’s no mono/stereo out of for the MIDI…

Also how do I set the keyboard as a synth?

And do I plug the Thru port into anything to do this?

Don’t need anything there.

If you’re looking just to use the software instruments from within Cubase, you may wish to switch to an instrument track. It’ll be simpler.
Also an instrument track can be set to output to your main mix.

I don’t think a MIDI track can do this.

himself: Can you run a guitar cord from your Keyboard Audio out directly
to the Tascam US-1641 - INSTRUMENT IN 9 - INPUT on the front of your
Tascam US-1641 :question: And ( do know how to setup VST Connections and
your Project page) ? :question:

what version of Cubase do you have :question:

Here’s a video to watch

Jack :smiley:

I normally do use input 9 for this keyboard, but I wanted to try out MIDI. It’s okay though. It’s not worth spending hours on this stuff.
I do know about VST connections and all that stuff, so I can record normal audio tracks.

I have Cubase LE 4

Just two more quick questions:

I don’t have a drumset or anything at home, and I know this requires MIDI (I mean making a drum beat in cubase). Is there any simple way to just get this on an audio track?

Is there such thing as stereo headphones for cubase? I have logitech stereo headphones (, but it says I need to plug the headphones into two output spots. The headphones only have one input plug, so is there any way to get stereo with these heaphones? Oh and by the way I have an adaptor:

And the video:
I tried the device setup for MIDI instruments before, but the K1000 wasn’t on the list. Is there any way around this step?

Any stereo headphones can be used with Cubase. The adapter you have will convert the 3.5mm TRS input plug on the headphones to a 1/4" TRS plug, which you need to connect to the “phones” jack on your interface.

What says that?

When you make a new stereo bus, there are two output locations. When I change the left and right to the same, one of them switches to another output.

The video details something that isn’t in your version of Cubase (the LE or AI line).
The detailed function is a way of getting Cubase to play an external instrument through MIDI.
Unless I’m mistaken you don’t want the sound of the keyboard recorded.

Yeah. I’ll probably just use the normal guitar plugs as inputs and outputs though.
Do you know how to fix the problem with the stereo headphones though?

And does MIDI gate have anything to do with this? The only thing I really need is the drum beat in cubase.

himself: Just export your midi track back into the project
and Use some headphones with a STEREO phone jack
PLUGGED INTO THE TASCAM US-1641 HEADPHONE JACK on the lower front right :wink:

Jack :smiley: :smiley:

PS: The Answer to your question is the video
but I had a Hunch you didn’t have Cubase 4-5-or 6
There’s ways around the limitations of Cubase Le4.
I did it for a few years myself.

Good Luck and RTM :wink:

PPS: ON Drums there maybe some within Cubase Le4 but I’m not sure.
You’ll notice my arsanel of DRUMS in my bio below.
Cubase 6 has Groove Agent one which are cool drums built into it :wink:

Wow I feel stupid.
Thanks for your time halljack and Shinta215.

Have a good one— and happy recording :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Jack :smiley: :smiley:

Likewise from me.