Help with MIDI please!

Hey everyone. Having Cubasis on my iPad is awesome, but I am struggling to make the MIDI work.

I can successfully pull in Sunrizer and Alchemy to appear in the inspector, but getting the virtual keyboard to work with them is a major frustration. When I did manage to get Sunrizer responding, for some reason I got drum sounds on every key too!

I have not used MIDI on the iPad before, and am not sure how it works really. Is anyone able to provide some advice on settings please?

Ideally I need to know which settings to put in which boxes in the inspector, as well as what settings need to be specified in the apps I am trying to run. Yep, I am a MIDIot!

Having searched extensively online for answers, there was nothing… The manual didn’t help much either :frowning: .

See my last post here

You need to set a different receive channel for each App. Cubasis should be sending out to “virtual midi” on the appropriate channel for each App. The input settings for each App vary but set them to Cubasis if the option exists.

That’s generally worked for me so far

Thanks for that, but still having lots of trouble with MIDI, and I guess Steinberg is aware of all the issues with this anyway.

An update needs to arrive soon which deals with this - I suppose Audiobus to some extent will do it, but it would be nice if the system worked as it should. One shouldn’t have to experiment with all sorts of variables to get something working - this should be a given, especially considering the price.

When I did manage to get Animoog working (almost) properly, it would not mix down as a wav (just got a blank track) and then when re-booting and inputting the settings again, it put drum sounds behind every MIDI event. So, not very good.

Please, Steinberg, get an update to us soon!

I suspect until Steinberg implements Audiobus I’m going to have to play Animoog from Cubasis via midi, use Animoog’s 4 track to record it., then audio copy/paste back onto Cubasis.

Yep, it’s gonna be a lot of pasting! Not such a hassle really as so many apps come with metronomes now, but still…

One day in the future we will all have metronomes built into our ears, and possibly Audiobus in our pants.