Help with monitoring ONLY end of signal chain

I have a submix or “stem” setup in cubase for film scoring. Here is the signal chain:

midi track -> vst instrument -> audio track (stem) -> audio track (stereo mixdown)

the STEM audio track has an effect insert, and sends to an FX track.

In ALL OTHER PROGRAMS (digital performer, logic, pro tools), I would be hearing only what comes out of that final stereo mix track, with effects and all. but in Cubase, I am also hearing the DRY SIGNAL from the vst instrument.

I am monitoring the stem, and stereo audio track. what am I doing wrong? How can I stop monitoring the dry signal from the vst instrument?? thanks guys

Maybe these ALL OTHER programs are restricted. In Cubase you can configure what you want to hear by defining which insert FXs and sends are pre- and which ones are post-fader.

how do you assign an insert and send as pre/post fader?

Maybe one or more of your FX has a wet/dry balance that you neglected to set to 100% wet

Nope, 100% wet. And I I pull down the faders on the stems or mix channel I still get audio.

Well then Jarno was correct, you need the send pre fader.

no that doesnt do it. It does allow me to hear the effect on the previously dry signal, but there are still two signals. somehow audio is coming out of the VST instrument and going straight to main out 1 and 2.

Page 169 in the opeations manual has pictures of the channel routings.

Just a guess, but have you tried muting the VSTi audio channel?

VSTi by default get an audio out of their own. Is that what you are referring to as the stem? If not, what process did you use to create the stem track and route the VSTi audio to it?

If you are using the audio track created for you by the VSTi and you have the send set to pre-fader (the middle button on the sends dialog) to an FX track AND you only want the output from the FX track, you can mute the VSTi audio track.

I should have remembered these diagrams and make a reference to those immediately! Sorry! I’m getting old.

Another useful thing is to enable all options for the channel view and look at the diagrams while looking at the entire channel interface. There are so many routing options available that just aren’t obvious (nor should they be) in the the simplified track inspector dialogs.

In this setup the Verb (FX send) is pre-fader and the output of the channel is only affected by the output level on the send control. The Tom Group send is post-fader and is controlled by both the send output and the track output level. Both sends will carry the ATR-102 and Fairchild effected signal. Had I put an effect in slot 7 or 8, only the Tom Group would receive the signal with those effects. I’d normally not set up a drum send this way, but it was handy for the picture.