Help with MusAnalysis/Dorico

So I recently purchased MusAnalysis as I need to do a RNA of an arrangement I am doing for uni of a piece of music. I got in touch with Dan, and he has been super helpful but I thought I’d ask this here as it’s a general question about Dorico as well.

So my question is if I am using MusAnalysis which shares the lyric function, is there a way to still have lyrics available as well as RNA? Dan said something about setting them to lyric translation instead to enable lyrics to still occur but I am unsure what he means/how to do that.

The Lyric Tool has three modes: the standard lyric mode, a translation mode (usually italics), and chorus mode (which generally centers lyrics compared to multiple stanzas in standard mode).

I’ve managed to get it working essentially. I think I just got confused when doing the set up for MusAnalysis on Dorico.

I am unsure if this is the optimal way to set up this add on (as the PDF file for it is very short) but I seem to have at least fixed the issue for now:

Still very new to all of this.

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If you want, you can define a completely new paragraph style, then you can filter a particular line of lyrics, and assign all the selected lyrics to that new paragraph style. You are not confined to the “lyric” options that already exist. So if it is beneficial, you can do a special style just for the MusAnalysis. Don’t forget that you can flip lyrics to be above/below as well, so if the line isn’t where you want it, it’s a pretty easy fix.

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