Help with Percussion Playback

In short, my instrument is not playing back (Mark Tree). Can someone please help me figure out why? Below, I’ve pasted screenshots of everything you might need to see (Percussion Map, Endpoint Setup, Track Setup on the ‘Play’ tab, Percussion Kit, and Percussion Instrument Playing Techniques.

What I’ve done so far to try to learn how to work with percussion maps

  1. Watched John Barron’s video from 2018 (four years old), but I couldn’t find a solution to my problem.
  2. Looked in the manual, but I could not find any information to help me troubleshoot why the instrument isn’t sounding on playback.
  3. Interestingly, it works on playback if I switch to ‘General MIDI’ as the percussion map, but I want to use the percussion map I setup.

Percussion Map
For use with EastWest ‘Spectrasound Mark Tree 1 Dbl Length’ instrument in their Opus Percussion collection sampled instruments.

EastWest Instrument Description

Endpoint setup

Playback Setup

Percussion Kit Setup

Problems I’m experiencing

  1. Playback starts (at m. 1) BEFORE the measure in question (m. 62). When it first starts playing back, the MT (Mark Tree) sounds which shouldn’t happen because there are no notes to trigger the sound.

  2. When it gets to the measure in question (m. 62), all I hear is silence. Measure 62 is the ONLY measure where I’ve added a note for Mark Tree.


Can you attach the project itself, cut down sufficiently that it reproduces the problem? E.g. you could export just the percussion player as a separate layout, then delete most of the bars so that only the problematic mark tree section remains, and then upload that.

Okay I replied via gmail. Please let me know if you didn’t get the zip file.

I haven’t received it yet, I’m afraid. Please send it to d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de.

Do you have a Max size email you can receive?

I took literally everything out that I could but it was still like 12 MB

Try using a service like to send it.

Daniel, that was it! EastWest has it in a different octave so I just had to add 12 to each of the MIDI numbers. It never crossed my mind that might be it because up until now I’ve only used their keyswitch sounds and the keyswitch keys have always been correct. It’s working now. Thanks!