Help with physical input select

I have looked and can’t find the answer anywhere. Before I ask the question, ill give you a quick run down on my setup. I have 2 amplifiers connected to a 16 channel Yamaha MG16XU physical mixer. That mixer is connected to my laptop via a usb. I am trying to find out how to select input variations for the first 9 channels on my physical mixer seeing as I want to input an entire band into cubase ai 7 to record. All I am getting is the laptop built in mic as a select option and input. How do I select and get sound through the actual channels from the physical mixer? My apologies if this has already been answered. I couldn’t find a post with it. Thanks.

So you have a mixer with a usb port?

I was thinking that was for transferring the output to digital, so 2trk, or a stereo signal.

You would probably need a usb driver for your mixer then you can select that as your sound system in VSTaudio.

Then if it has more than two inputs it will show up in VSTconnections (f4)

It usually matters what you turn on first.
Have your mixer on before you start Cubase, otherwise it may not sense it.

When DAWs start up, part of the delay in opening them is that they’re first searching for your connected devices, such as MIDI and Audio interfaces, [which can be mixers as well] etc.