Help With Playback And ExpMap Setup, DP3 Staff/Instrument and VEP 7

Need some help. I have attached pics of each step I’ve taken.

I created a custom Playing Technique called Legato - sustain (text “leg-sus”) to test my ability to successfully put all the elements in place to have Dorico trigger an articulation change in a VEP 7 Synchron Player channel.

(these picture files will have to be uploaded over multiple posts because of file size limits)

  1. Pic showing Write mode, red arrows indicating the assignment of a leg-sus Playing Technique to a particular note in a Horn 1 line as well as the listing of “leg-sus” in the available Playing Techniques.

  2. Pic of Edit Playing Techniques window showing the “Legato -sustain” technique I created and a corresponding “Legato - sustain” Playback Playing Technique assigned.

  3. Pic of Edit Playback Playing Techniques window showing my setup for that technique.

  4. Pic of Expression Maps window showing my Expression Map name “1 SYSE Horns”, my “Legato - sustain” technique, and the keyswitches assigned to implement the needed articulation change.

  5. Pic of Play Mode showing my assignment of the VEP Instance “VEP SYSE Brass” to the Dorico instrument, but no indication of the articulation switch from “Legato” to “Legato - sustain.”

  6. Pic of my Endpoint Setup assigning the Expression Map “1 SYSE Horns” to the appropriate port and channel for my instrument.

  7. Pic of VE Pro showing the assigned instance and Synchron channel I assigned to the instrument.

When I initiate playback whatever articulation I manually select in the Synchron Player plays back fine. But I nothing I have done at this point has made Dorio implement a switch to another articulation in Synchron. Since it plays back, MIDI note data is getting through, but other than that my setup has been futile.

Any ideas?

More pics

The last pic

In diagram 2, in the list on the left, there should be something named leg-sue. You have it named Legato-sus. Legato-sus is the name of the playback playing technique. It’s easy to get these confused.

I’ll check that, thanks.