Help with Preferences. Tracks Play out of sync.

When playing an instrument track back if I start the cursor in the middle of a note the track starts playing from the start of that note, rather than the point where the cursor has indicated. This leading to tracks initially playing all out of sync.

Ive been told this can be rectified in preferences, but im not sure exactly where in my preferences this is controlled from. Can anybody help point me in the right direction??

That is normal behavior, I’m afraid. The only option you have in Preferences is to disable note-chasing completely.
(I presume you are referring to notes with long envelopes, or rhythmic patterns, or MIDI notes that trigger audio samples?)
It’s just the way MIDI works… the note is indeed triggered at the correct time, and receives its corresponding note-off at the correct time, but the “trigger” is (ipso facto) at the beginning of the note that is to be played.

You know i bloody knew it. just that I had 2 guys in the gear sluts forum telling me that it was my preferences. Had me looking through for ages. lol aww well thanks very much for the reply. Glad to get that all sorted in my head.

Just de-select Note in the MIDI Chase Events panel in Prefs. The note straddling the cursor won’t sound, but everything will be in sync.

Thats cool thankyou. Nice option to have.