Help with preset & sample management

Hi All,

I’m new to C6 after moving from Logic and I’m struggling with managing/loading presets and samples.

For example; in HALion Sonic SE I want to use some non factory presets so I go to “Load Preset” at the top of the HALion window. A box pops up showing ‘results’, ‘location tree’, ‘previewer’ and ‘filters’. There seems to be no way of directing it to look at a particular location on my drive to find exactly what I want to load.

I have a ‘sample library’ directory on a separate drive where I store presets, samples etc which I can easily browse to and audition, load etc in Logic but I don’t see how this works in C6 and the HALion plugin.

Can someone give me a rundown of how to load and use my own files both in C6 and HALion as the mediabay and the ‘Load Preset’ windows don’t seem to operate how I’m expecting.

Note I’m on a Mac running OSX 10.6.7 and Cubase 6 retail standard installation.