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I have created an instrument in Halion 6 (and my plan is to create a library using “library creator”). As indicated in the manual I have created all presets using Halion Sonic. I have now found out that there is a little mistake in a Lua script I have used in the instrument.
How I can fix the mistake in all presets I have created? I tried several options but I can’t find a solution…
Please help!


If you used external script file then the fix is very simple. Just edit and save the script file. Your instruments should pick up the updated version next time you load the preset or reload the script. If you already built the library just run the Library Creator again and re-build the library.

If you used the internal script editor you need to fix that at the source. Possibly going through all the presets that use the script. If you started from a single init preset in Halion 6 and created all your other presets in Halion Sonic you could try to fix and export the init preset from Halion 6 again. Hopefully the other presets would pick up the updated version.

It’s definitely much easier with external script files.

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Unfortunately, I didn’t use external scripts…
What is not 100% clear is the process to fix the presets I have created with Halion Sonic.
I load the preset in Halion 6, fix the script, and then? Please don’t tell me I have to export it as an Halion Sonic SE preset then open it in Halion Sonic and save it again…

I see. If you created all presets as vatiations of a single HSSE layer preset I would try to fix this one first and export it again with the same name to overwrite the the initial HSSE layer preset. Hoping the Halion Sonic presets would pick up the updated version.

If that doesn’t work then you have to go through them one by one.

You could also turn on Halion Sonic Edit mode in Halion 6 options and check if you can fix the script from there. If it’s possible then this would be quicker than exporting from Halion 6 and saving all presets in Halion Sonic again.

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I tried to save the original HSSE file but is not working…
Where can I turn on the Halion Sonic edit mode in Halion 6? This is new to me!

Found it thanks on the options page.

yes, that is the fastest way, I can also load several presets at once and then save them all with one click!

Thanks again for your help

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