Help with Private Lesson Studio Setup

I teach clarinet, alto sax, piano, and recorder privately and have recently moved to Zoom for… obvious reasons. I was not exactly set up for this change, and I’m currently making due with a Kindle Fire for Zoom, using the device or headset mic to record all instruments/voice. My “piano” is an IMPACT LX61+ which is currently output through my computer speakers and uses ASIO4ALL.

I’m trying to move from Kindle to computer for a better recording setup, but I’m also on a fairly tight budget. To move to a computer, I will have to purchase a webcam, a microphone (possibly attached to the webcam) and audio card/interface with Loopback in order to play ARIA Player through to Zoom. When set up, I will need to mix together vocals/instrumental and the ARIA player output and send them to Zoom while simultaneously monitoring the ARIA player output(ASIO) and my students audio. Also, I would hopefully be able to record the instruments in such a way that the student can hear both my playing and my voice comfortably/without distortion.

Is this possible using ASIO and soft synths? What are the minimum requirements to do this? I’m looking at the Steinberg UR series audio interfaces, and have a feeling this wouldn’t be possible on the UR12, but might be possible on the UR22? What webcam/mic combo would work well with this? Is it possible I might have to update my older graphics card to support the video streaming?

Any help or advice is appreciated!