Help with project to mixer linking please.

Hi there,

If someone could please help shed some light on this i’d really appreciate it.

When using a multitimbral VSTi (Halion for eg)& enabling more than one output on it, when it is a track instrument,

  1. Is it possible to use another track(Midi or instrument) to connect to the other inputs of the Track instrument?

When it is a rack instrument & you enable more than one output,

  1. After you have created ,say, 4 different midi tracks for the outputs etc Is there a way that when you click on them in the project/arrange window that the audio output comes up instead of the midi channel?

This is driving me mad as all I want to happen is that whenever I click on anything in the arrange window the Audio or instrument output comes up instead of the midi channel.

I have selected in prefs “Sync Selection in Project window & MixConsole”

Any help would be great thanks.

Codsworth :confused: :smiley:

p.s. Merry Xmas

OK, it doesn’t seem that you can use Instrument tracks as multitimbral instruments after all. You can change the amount of outputs but can’t assign any NEW instrument tracks to those outputs.
This is a shame because if you have Halion 5 with 8 different sounds running to eight different outputs, you can’t click on the track in the arrange page & go directly to the corresponding instrument output channel in the mixer which is generally where I want to be.
Please Steinberg can you add a button that or modify the button on the midi channel that chooses output, to automatically go to the Vsti mixer channel output & bypasses the midi channel because then you can flick between all the tracks of Halion in the arrange window & go straight to the instrument output channel without being diverted to midi channel first.

Hope i haven’t missed anything & hope this helps workflow for many.

Kind regards, Codsworth :smiley: