Help with Propagate Properties

This is an extremely basic question, because I’m too dense to understand the concept of Propagate Properties. I want to use it in the context of reverse l.v. ties, of which I require a lot of in my present project, and it’s clear that Propagate Properties is indispensable for this.

But what is the routine? If I select the edited and correct-looking reversed tie and then click on Edit>Propagate Properties, what is meant to happen? It doesn’t have an effect if I then click on ‘destination’ (i.e. unedited) l.v. ties, for example, and the command doesn’t appear in the Undo list. I’m clearly not getting this at all, and would dearly like a dummies’ guide to this evidently handy command.

Propagate Properties works on individual items but across multiple layouts - so if you edited l.v. ties in the score but this didn’t affect the parts, PP (if done in the full score) would replicate your edits to those l.v. ties in the corresponding parts.

You can’t PP from one l.v. tie to another one on a different note/instrument. PP is also mode-specific - so to copy the graphical changes to the shape/position of ties, you must be in Engrave mode when you do propagate properties. In Write mode, only the properties available in Write mode get propagated, which doesn’t include graphical offsets.

Thanks, Lillie. From what I’ve read on the forum about reversing l.v. ties in chords, the phrase that crops up is ‘you only have to do it once’ (the ‘it’ referring to the reversal/editing process), and that further notes in that chord can be provided with identical reversed ties by using PP. That’s the bit that I’m not grasping yet, in that I can’t figure out what the exact routine is. I am able to get the effect that I want by creating one note of the chord and working on that, and then using Shift-I to add the required intervals (in which case each note in that chord does get equipped with the reversed tie), but that’s a different process to the one using PP, I’m guessing?

Propagate Properties only copies the properties from one item to the same item in different layouts. You can’t use propagate properties to copy the properties from a note in bar 1 to a different note in bar 6. You could, however, select the note in bar 1, Alt-click (or copy and paste) it to bar 6 and then repitch it.

Aaah - I understand at last! I had completely misinterpreted the workaround instructions for the reversed tie. Thanks.