Help with reactivating Cubase LE 4

I need your help.

I’ve purchased a Lexicom Omega a couple of years ago. It came with a Cubase LE 4. I used to use it with my old pc, which died earlier this year.

Thing is I forgot my exact account. My email is “uciel.adra” and somehow I originally could register it with “ucieladra”, with no dot. Thing is I ended up with two accounts, and registered the new e-licenser to the new one, but in that one I have no serial number for reactivation! (it was all registered in the one without “dot”).
It’s driving me insane and I don’t know how to get the e-licenser registered in the old account because it’s telling me that I can’t do it because it’s already been registered (in the new account). Can I get a new e-license or something?

I’d really appreciate your help!

Thanks in advance!