Help with reactivation

Hi there,

My name is Nicholas Rio. I bought Dorico 2 pro upgrade on 2018, and has been using it since then. 4 days ago, for some weird reason Dorico says that I don’t have the license required to continue using Dorico 2 Pro. I tried reactivate the license at MySteinberg, but it turns out that I only get the license for Dorico 1 (not Dorico 2). I have also tried updating the ELicensing software, and also used the ELicense Helper - all failed. I’ve tried contacting the Steinberg Online Shop by making a ticket (the confirmation comes from, but there has been no help. Anything else I can try to do?

I attached my purchase receipt with this post.

Thank you,

Nicholas Rio

I strongly recommend removing your serial number from your post, as this is a public forum.

Are you in the US? Phone support for US Steinberg is excellent and very responsive.

Try running the license manager as Administrator if you are on Windows. Sometimes that helps.


No I’m not from the US; I’m living in Indonesia, quite far from the US :smiley:

I tried running the license as administrator, still not working. Anything else I could try?


Sorry to hear you’re still having problems, Nicholas. You’ll need to contact our support team for help. Please go to MySteinberg and submit a ticket there, including all of the relevant information. In the meantime, I’ll send you a temporary activation code to get you back up and running.